Thai spicy beef salad

Spice up your mealtime with these mouthwatering Thai spicy beef salad recipes. Find out how to create a flavorful and refreshing dish that will leave you wanting more.
Yum Nua - Thai Spicy Beef Salad. Eat plain or with rice and fish sauce. Healthy Recipes, Thai Recipes, Thai Beef Salad, Asian Dishes, Thai Beef Salad Recipe, Thai Beef, Asian Cooking, Khmer Food, Asian Cuisine

This is my mom's specialty. I hated it as a little kid, but now I adore it and make it often. It was hard to nail my mom's recipe down to measurements, but we figured that this was the closest we could get without saying "eyeball" it. The flavors are the classic Thai mix of salty, sour, sweet and spicy.

Zang Chang
Close up of Thai Beef Salad Healthy Recipes, Dressing, Thailand, Thai Beef Salad, Thai Beef, Asian Cooking, Thai Beef Salad Recipe, Asian Dishes, Thai Salads

Recipe video above. A great Thai Beef Salad comes down to the perfect balance of flavours in the dressing. To achieve this, I'm going to ask you to use teaspoons to measure the garlic and chilli. Because - not all garlic cloves are the same size. So annoying, right??!Grinding coriander to mix into the dressing gives this an extra dimension that makes this a restaurant standard recipe. It makes all the difference to the flavour!

Laurie Kavitz