Textile dyeing

Elevate your textile projects with these vibrant dyeing techniques. Experiment with different colors and patterns to create unique and personalized fabrics for your home decor or fashion designs.
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You can see that I again stacked the mandalas as I really like the subtle differences and as I used less dye and some lighter values, they came out pretty good! I am sure now that the one on the left is the one on top and the one on the right is on the bottom. It was easy to sort them out last night as they were all so different. Note that these haven't been ironed yet! The post today will be a relatively detailed description of how I do these. This is one of the tshirts lying across a…

Vicky Baeurle
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Note: This video is a pre-recorded class and not a live class. Perfect for the winter months and snow. Learn how to use bodega ice, snow, frozen flowers and natural pigments to make swirling beautiful ice patterns on silk. We will also cover how to use pH modifiers to experiment on your cloth. The class is 1 hours and on zoom. The recording will be available for 30 days after the class. No materials are required. Often participants watch and then try at home at a later date. Perfect with…