Texas landscaping backyard

Transform your Texas backyard into a stunning oasis with these landscaping ideas. Create a picturesque outdoor space that reflects the beauty of the Lone Star State.
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I have only ever owned a new home. It is a blank canvas filled with endless possibilities, which can either overwhelm you or excite you or maybe somewhere in between. I have always loved trees, but with most new homes we saw, the only included landscaping in the front yard. I do not know it is like

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Making your home the envy of the neighborhood is easier than you think when you choose Texas native plants in your landscaping. Native plants mean low maintenance, less water, and higher chances of success. It just makes sense. Here's the Top 15 Texas Native Plants that Will Make Your Home Look Stunning. Want to grow your own garden? It's easy with these tips. With so many Texas native plants to choose from your home's landscaping can look great not only right now, but for years to come. A…

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Gardening can be a great way to beautify your home’s exterior and soak up the golden Texas sun. We asked our friends at Garden Design for some of the best year-round plants for North Texas gardens. The best year-round plants are drought tolerant, heat tolerant and use less water than their seasonal counterparts.Here are some of our favorites:Shade Trees grow tall and wide, providing shade and shelter from sunlight in the surrounding area with a spreading canopy and crown.Live OakCedar…

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Native plant gardens—gardens created with wildlife indigenous to a specific region—are a great way to be more environmentally friendly. These gardens beautify the landscape while using less water and fewer pesticides. You can rebuild local ecosystems and habitats right in your yard! Here’s a guide on how to create a native plant garden of your own.

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