Teaching vowels

Discover fun and effective strategies to help students master vowel sounds. Engage your students with interactive activities and create a solid foundation for their reading and spelling skills.
Long Vowel Team Chart | it was actually fun really to study vowel pairs vowel Phonics Activities, Phonics, Pre K, Anchor Charts, English Phonics, Phonics Words, Vowel Digraphs, Phonics Chart, Teaching Phonics

I cannot tell a lie - I love anchor charts. No, I REALLY love anchor charts. I am a visual person, and I think most kids like to see their learning on display as well. Anchor charts also help me look good, because they remind me of what's what! It was actually fun (really?) to study vowel pairs, vowel digraphs, and diphthongs. I'm not kidding! I combed through their book to make this chart in order to put all of the information onto one chart. We had this chart up for 2 weeks and referred to…

Lisa Latham