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Get inspired with the latest articles, recipes, and DIY projects in Sweet Paul Magazine. Explore creative ideas and discover new ways to add a touch of sweetness to your life.
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If the confluence of food and culture is your thing, then you've got to get (or gift) a subscription to at least one of these sixteen indie food magazines, from idiosyncratic Lucky Peach and provocative Meatpaper to uber-artsy White Zinfandel and zine-scene The Runcible Spoon. In these pages you'll find writing that you can seriously sink your teeth into.

Vanja Stace
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Winter features include: - When Paul Met Padma Lakshmi...it's SPICY! - Crafting with Winter Greens - S'MORES! - Pine Forest Foraged Crafting - Marzipan - A visit to Jonathan Adler's Studio - Victorian Gift Wapping Techniques - Giftable Pie Recipes - Winter Comfort Food - Starry Starry Night Crafts - Cooking in Season: Citrus - An Epic Journey through Iceland - A Q&A with Ross Matthews!

Heartfelt Hermit Poetry
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Stories include: A look into Sweet Paul’s NEW Coobook: Sweet Paul Eat & Make | Cooking with Ramps | Storyland Cross Stitch | Ricotta Recipes | DIY Fabric Color Stripping | Spring cooking | Set sail in Maine! | A visit to Terrain | Paper Flowers | Amazing Spring Cakes | Nibblies | Portugal Travel Story | Q&A with QVC’s David Venable

Danielle Beane