Surfboard rack garage

Organize your surfboards in style with these creative surfboard rack ideas for your garage. Maximize space and keep your boards safe and accessible with these top suggestions.
Best Way to Hang A Surfboard On Your Wall | Almond Surfboards & Designs Surf Rack Wall, Diy Surfboard Decor, Surfboard Wall Rack, Surf Rack, Surfboard Rack, Shed Makeover, Market Booth, Surfboard Decor, Board Rack

Surfboards make great wall decor—than can be pulled down and enjoyed. The wall is also a great way to stash surfboards in a way that minimizes the space they take up. When hanging a surfboard on the wall—whether horizontal or vertical—it's important to ensure it's secure and tasteful. Hanging a surfboard horizontally is the most common way to go, it can be done on any ceiling height and it's more common to have wide open walls than it is to have tall, narrow ones. This is the horizontal wall…

Anna Lewis