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Sziasztok! Ebben a „könyvben" Supernatural azaz Odaát idézeteket, tényeket írok le, mert hatalmas rajongásomat már nem tudom, hogy tudnám még kiélni és így úgy gondoltam létrehozom ezt itt. Ha ismered és szereted Dean és Sam Winchestert kukkants be, nem bánod meg ;) "Saving people, hunting things. The family bussines.- Embereket menteni, lényeket elkapni. A családi vállalkozás."

Clinton Bush
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"Why do you care for me?" He asked as he looked up at you with tears in his eyes. "Because..." You trailed off. "Because why!?" He yelled. "Because I'm in love with you, okay!?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Y/n L/n A beautiful woman that isn't human. An Angel. An Archangel to be specific. You saved the Winchesters from being tortured to death by werewolves and you became friends with them. You help them on their journey through life and save them and they save you. But something goes wrong with the…

Frida Castillo
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This book is hotter than Mary Winchester's ceiling fire... (I'm sorry, too soon?) If you like supernatural and you like to laugh, you should read this. Includes tumblr posts, memes, and other assorted spn jokes. **** I OWN NO MEMES, PICS OR GIFS THAT I POST**** If you want to, you can check out my other books: Supernatural Imagines and Make the Most of It :) Highest rating: #12 in humor ~wow that was awkward okay just please read my books I promise I'm not this weird in real life (or am I?)~

Jassmine Schmidt