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Falim is the initial brand that comes to thoughts when Turkish men and women consider of chewing gum. It is the only sugar free gum in Turkey and has been voted tooth friendly by Zurich University in 1996. Falim is one particular of the best twenty best manufacturers of Turkey, which involves the two local and worldwide brand names.

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Contains ten (10) 15 stick packs of EXTRA Spearmint Sugar Free Chewing Gum Refresh your day from tongue to toe with spearmint gum Never run out with 10 packs of long-lasting, refreshing flavor Share sugarfree chewing gum for more sweet moments Invigorate your day with the fresh sensation of green mint

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Bundle Contents - This bulk gum bundle of Extra Gum comes with 9 flavors of Extra Gum (15 sticks each) - Cinnamon,Classic Bubble Gum, Peppermint, Pink Lemonade, Polar Ice, Smooth Mint, Spearmint, Sweet Watermelon, and Winterfresh. It also comes in a WhataBundle! box and with a pocket bag Refreshing Flavors - Enjoy classic and unique flavors such as Extra Gum Peppermint, Polar Ice, Spearmint, and Watermelon Gum Extra! This bundle of Extra Sugar Free Gum has all the flavors you know and love…

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Contains one (1) 15 count pack of EXTRA Polar Ice Sugarfree Gum An avalanche of icy flavor in every piece Give EXTRA, get EXTRA, because sometimes the little things last the longest Sharing a piece of EXTRA gum helps you live life's little moments Sugar-free chewing gum that’s perfect to share with friends, family, or someone new