Striped cake

Add a touch of fun and elegance to your celebration with a delicious striped cake. Explore creative ideas to make your cake the centerpiece of any event.

Stay Sweet NYC Lindsay, Stay Sweet NYC from New York City, is this month’s cake decorator spotlight! I’m thrilled to be featuring her and her gorgeous creations including colorful macarons! She has a carefully planned Instagram feed is every baker’s dream (well, at least it’s for me!). Just head over and you’ll see what I...

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I am so excited to be featuring @bearygoodbakery from Kansas City, Missouri for March’s Cake Decorator Spotlight! It is my first time featuring a male baker and I plan to be featuring more male bakers because they also deserve all of the love! I love Alonso’s special touches to his creations. Read on to learn...

Floral Cake

After finishing up my design and seeing how stunning this floral cake turned out, I’m left feeling inspired and in complete awe. Everyday I make it my mission to create a new masterpiece in t…

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