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Learn how to create a straight nose illusion with makeup techniques. Discover expert tips and tricks to enhance your facial features and achieve a perfectly sculpted nose.
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A woman in her 30s, 2 months post-op rhinoplasty. This patient had a bulbous nasal tip, a dorsal hump, and a drooping tip. Tip elevation, dorsal hump reduction, and nasal tip refinement were performed. The overall goal is a conservative change of her nose to result in a natural appearance of the nose which does

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In 2011, scientists did research about the different types of noses found in Europe and Israel. Based on their findings, a 14-type nose classification system became popular on social media channels. While not complete, it still gives us an idea of some of the nose types that you’ll likely find out there if you’re visiting Europe and the Mediterranean, so 5-Minute Crafts wrote an article to show you some of them.

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A woman in her 20s, 2 months post-op rhinoplasty. The patient had a drooping nasal tip and dorsal hump preoperatively. She underwent dorsal hump reduction, nasal tip refinement, and tip elevation. The overall goal is a natural looking result which complements the rest of her face and does not droop when smiling.

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