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Engage your kids in fun and educational stone age activities. Explore hands-on projects and games that will transport them back in time to the fascinating world of our ancient ancestors.
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Caveman Activity Ideas For Kids Our boys are fascinated by all things pre-history so this week I put together 38 Stone Age activities for us to complete over the next few weeks. (You can download all of my Stone Age Printables for free - link below). It is the first of several history themed

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Stone Age Facts What is the Stone Age? The Stone Age is a period in prehistory during which early humans started using stones, usually flint, to make tools and weapons. It is the earliest known period of human culture. Prehistoric Petroglyphs in the Akakus Mountains, Sahara, Libya How long did the Stone Age last? The S

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These are samples of 4th grade cave paintings on "rock" (no, it is not traditional clay - read on to find out the crazy material we used). Students did their artwork after learning about the paintings in Lascaux and other caves painted over 15,000 years ago. First, we brainstormed about the possible materials that would have been used, since there was no Wal-Mart 17,000 years ago to buy art supplies! And we discussed possible reasons for prehistoric man to have created these greart works of…

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