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Learn how to capture stunning star photography with these expert tips and get inspired to create your own celestial masterpieces. Discover the secrets to shooting breathtaking night sky images.
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Title: The Milky Way Shooting Star . . . Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had a fascination for the stars. Especially during summer time in Texas. That’s when the Milky Way is most visible. Unfortunately nowadays the stars aren’t as visible as when I was a kid. So, for this shot we had to drive about two hours out into West Texas. (We even got to cross the Pecos River.) We parked on the top of a hill and were able to catch this shot with what looks like a shooting star crossing the sky…

Thomas Ware
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Last post, we talked about basic gear. This post, we'll talk about camera settings. But first, lets talk about star movement.Star MovementStars move across the sky. This isn't actually true, as this movement is caused by the earth's rotation, but we'll ignore that for now. For our purposes, the…

Martin Pinder