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Some people are always children at heart and as you can see Y/n is one of those people. Y/n is a 16 year old girl. Her family and her go to a camping trip. They stay there for a week, but her friends don't trust the new friends she made there. What will happen with her new friends? Will she find out who or what they really are? Read to find out! :)

Sheyla Carvajal
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Shimizu Yuki, Kiyoko's little brother. Yuki was known for his bright, bubbly and very shy personality, everyone in Karasuno all adore him, since he always helps them with anything really. Yuki had a loving boyfriend named Sora, who tragically passed away by the hands of Sora's parents. Sora's parents didn't like Yuki, since they think that he placed a spell on their son to make him fall in love with him (Yuki). Sora was a talented volleyball player, since he would always lead his team to…