Spider eating

Explore the intriguing world of spider eating habits and witness the fascinating ways in which these arachnids catch and consume their prey. Learn about the unique adaptations and strategies spiders use, and marvel at the complexity of their predatory instincts.
Massive Huntsman Spider Eats a Possum in Front of Horrified Ski Lodge Guest Insects, Huntsman Spider, Australian Huntsman Spider, Prey, Possum, Spider Eating, Huntsman, Baby Possum

A man staying at a ski lodge in Tasmania, Australia had the scare of his life when he witnessed a massive huntsman spider devour a tiny possum. The man’s wife, Justine Latton shared photos of the horrifying moment on Facebook, which show the spider clinging on to the hotel door with the tiny possum in its mouth. Justine tells PEOPLE her husband Adam was staying at a “very rustic” ski lodge at Mount Field National Park in Tasmania’s South West with some friends when the incident took place…

William (Bill) Minix, M. Ed.