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Learn how to take stunning photos of solar eclipses and capture the breathtaking beauty of this natural phenomenon. Discover expert tips and techniques to create memorable images that will leave a lasting impression.
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SOLAR ECLIPSE IN CAPRICORN : 25th/ 26th DECEMBER 2019 Channeled through Celia Fenn 💜 The final Eclipse of the decade occurs on the 26th of December, and this is the moment that propels us finally towards the Big Conjunction in January 2020. The focus NOW shifts to Capricorn, with its powerful Saturnian Energy and its connection to Structure and Earth Structure in particular. Eclipses are moments

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It's no surprise that you'll want to take photos of a solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse is a rare event. And even when it happens, you can only see it from certain locations and for a short period of time. So how do you photograph a solar eclipse?

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