Skater girl pants

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Mirror selfie showcasing a skater girl aesthetic with grey cargo pants, thrifted navy shirt, pink one star Converse sneakers, and curly black hair. Pop, Shirts, Trousers, Outfits, Skater Girl Outfits, Skater Girls, Outfits With Cargo Pants, Outfit Inspo, Pants Outfit

Embracing the skater girl vibe with flair, this mirror selfie captures a chic 'Outfit of the Day'. Curly black hair frames the look, adding a touch of untamed charm. The ensemble speaks volumes of style, featuring grey cargo pants paired with a thrifted navy shirt for an edgy yet laid-back aesthetic. Pink one star Converse sneakers lend a pop of color, perfectly complementing the attitude of the outfit. A snapshot that exudes confidence and individuality, celebrating the skater spirit and a…