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Say goodbye to unpleasant sink drain smells with these effective solutions. Discover how to get rid of the odor and enjoy a fresh and clean kitchen.
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There aren't many worse smells than the odor of sewage or rotten eggs in your bathroom. Often, these unpleasant odors start in your sink's plumbing. So, why might your bathroom sink be giving off bad smells, and how do you fix the problem? We've done the research, and we have the answers for you! The […]

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Learn how to get rid of drain odor in the bathroom sink drain or shower drain. A stinky drain is unpleasant, but it’s easy to clean a blocked drain and eliminate a sewer smell with boiling water, white vinegar, baking soda, and other simple solutions. # #getridof #smells #drain #bathroom

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In order to prevent the smell in the drain from going into the apartment, people use the siphons the water goes through from the sink into the drain. They can be U-shaped also known as p-traps, bottles, or corrugated. Very often, clogs appear inside them and these are the sources of the bad smells.

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A smelly kitchen sink is caused by decomposing food waste in the drain line, empty P-trap, a clogged plumbing vent or a dirty garbage disposal. An S-trap instead of a P-trap could also be the reason your kitchen sink has a horrible smell. A sewer smell from the kitchen sink is a sign that the P-trap is empty or the plumbing vent is clogged. In this post, you will learn how to prevent and remove sewer smells from the kitchen sink