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Take your karaoke nights to the next level with these fun singing games. From classic favorites to exciting new challenges, these games will bring out the inner superstar in everyone.
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5 Easy NO Effort Singing Time Ideas for Kids I’m in charge of singing time for approximately 40 kids ages 3-8 in my church every Sunday. And, because I’m a procrastinator, every Saturday night I’m always looking for easy games to play with the kids to keep them entertained and interested for 20 … Continue reading "5 Easy NO Effort Singing Time Ideas for Kids"

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I am linking up today with Elizabeth at Organized Chaos for a linky party with other music teacher bloggers. Here are 18 favorite singing games along with sources and all other info. Send me an email at and I will send them your way. Here are a few examples to get you excited: My kids love these and beg for them, especially the "slap games" like Ama Llama! My kids also love Mac 'n Cheese.. it's a camp song but they could play and sing this for HOURS

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I am so playing this!!! It should be, "Sing, or Act" or  "Sing or Improvise" OR "Sing or Dance?" OMGG hours of enjoyment at sleepovers! Teaching, Elementary Music, Pre K, Primary Chorister, Primary Songs, Teaching Music, Primary Singing Time, Primary Music, Activities

I found this idea online somewhere, but can't find it again now. But here's my version: I made this poster the week we were reviewing Baptism that said "Sing or Dare." The "Sing" cards had a fun way to sing a certain verse of the song we were reviewing. The "Dare" cards had a question or just something silly for the child to do. We ended up singing each verse of the song twice, with lots of fun mixed in! Here's what the cards said: For Junior Primary Dare: Stand on your chair and shout "I…

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Karaoke parties are fun. But, hosting a karaoke party is a big task. We will tell you how to convert this task into a fun-filled experience. The responsibility of creating some hours of interesting memory for your friends might have been panicking you. You know what? Games are always a savior in this case and in fact games are the best way through which you can enjoy with your friends in any situation.

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I was in charge of our Primary Singing time at church a few weeks ago and decided to play a simple game of tic-tac-toe to help us practice a song. It was so easy to put together, the kids had fun, and we got a good practice on one of my favorite songs! Supplies: Construction paper in Red and Blue Scissors Tape Chalk Prep Work: Draw an X on a piece of red construction paper. Cut it out and trace 5 more onto more red paper. Draw an O on a piece of blue construction paper and do the same thing…

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Singing games and folk dances are a wonderful way to create rich musical experiences, introduce a new musical skill or concept, build musicianship, develop confidence, cultivate the singing voice, and support the development of rhythmic understanding and the ability to keep a steady beat. Here are 1

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Singing games are a great way to teach musical concepts, incorporate movement, and give children an opportunity to sing alone and with others. They're perfect as gathering activities, ice-breakers, or a quick change-of-pace in the middle of rehearsal. A few months ago, I shared seven fun

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