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Explore exciting science sensory activities for preschoolers that will spark their curiosity and enhance their learning. Get inspired with hands-on experiments and make learning fun!
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Weather is always a fun science topic to explore! Bring the weather inside with weather sensory bottles. Students can explore the different types of weather and how they look and sound using these weather sensory bottles. To make them even more amazing, tape a real photo of the weather to the top of the bottle (a freebie I made for you)! Now, let me share with you how I made each one.

Jennifer Mullins
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I wasn't sure how these shaving cream rain clouds were going to turn out, but they were beautiful! I love any experiment that's easy enough for my kids to do themselves. And I also love when I get to use a rainbow assortment of colours to create something beautiful. So this was a winner! This activity was easy to put together and allowed us to learn a little bit about weather. Although, my girls were definitely more interested in the hands on part, not so much the learning. But what can you…

Valerija Skrt
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Yes, you can actually make shaving cream play dough! But be prepared, because this is MESSY! And while on the inside, I was trying to hold back my mini freak out about the mess, my 3 year old and 5 year old were loving it. I mean REALLY loving it. I haven't seen them enjoy an activity this much in ages! I'm not sure if they were more into the play dough, or more into the giant mess I was letting them create. Either way, this was tons of fun! (And the clean up wasn't nearly as bad as I…

Bianca Ioana
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f you are looking for a simple science activity to do with the kids, then look no further! This magic milk science experiment is perfect for you! It amazes the kids every time and it is super easy to do too! Just grab a few household supplies and have a blast with magic milk!

Sarah Cobb
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These bouncing bubbles are SO FUN! Best of all, they're super easy to make, using simple kitchen items like dish soap and sugar. No special or fancy ingredients needed! Blowing bubbles is always fun, but have you ever made bouncing bubbles?! There's something pretty magical about blowing a bubble you can hold and bounce on your hand. Make our easy bouncing bubbles recipe in only a few minutes to create hours of fun! This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something…

Mandi Hale