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Explore the fascinating world of science through captivating and educational comics. Discover a wide range of science topics in a fun and accessible format that will spark curiosity and inspire learning.
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Nerdism - that's a condition that affects many and I was fortunately one of the many to be inflicted by this mania early in my life. Ever since my school days I used to dig science topics, chemistry being my favourite and maths the least. Growing up with memes on science I always used to get weird ideas on how those memes can be made funnier. I clearly sucked in drawing so creating comics initially was kind of an awkward idea. But once I started it, it became more natural and fluid. Ideas…

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Alvin Juano is back on Bored Panda with some new, hilarious comics full of dark humor and unexpected twists. His comics are very popular, with 500k followers on Instagram and 125k likes on Facebook. People seem to love the way the artist shows life and its dark sides. Some, perhaps, even relate to the comics.

Maddy Forbes

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