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Discover a collection of essential resources for school counselors to enhance their practice and support students. Explore tools, strategies, and activities to promote student well-being and academic success.
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So you finally landed the job out of grad school and are ready to start as a School Counselor. Congrats! It's a difficult profession but you will make a difference in the lives of children, hooray for you! Here is a list of things I wish I knew as a first-year Counselor to hopefully help you.

Andrea Webb
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On a limited budget, need to know the absolute must haves for an elementary school counselor? Here's the list of my favorite tools and resources.

Nicole Redden
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One of my biggest strengths (and weaknesses) is that I’m outspoken. There’s not much in the realm of school counseling that I don’t have a strong opinion about. That means there’s some things that are commonplace among other counselors that I don’t do – because they just aren’t in the best interest of my students. […]