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A book that solidified everything I've been trying to achieve. Give Less F*cks! Useful Life Hacks, Humour, Motivation, Self Improvement Tips, Mental And Emotional Health, Declutter Your Life, Self Improvement, Words Of Wisdom, Emotional Health

Uh Oh. It's a curse word. It's ok. That's the only one. I promise, mostly. I've just started reading this book, the life-changing magic of Not Giving A F*ck. It's pretty silly and also spot on for what I've been working towards for like 10 years now. Sarah Knight describes the fucks you give as a bank account. You only have so many. They may replenish, but they are still finite. So doling them out with purpose is the only way to save ones sanity and thus ones happiness, or joy. This is my…

Yes They Can Montessori
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If you have your shit together, you don't need this book. Though if you couldn't work that out for yourself then maybe you just think you have your shit together and you really do need this book. If you don't have your shit together, and have tried smart advice, read this book and see if snarkier advice is what kicks you into gear.