Salt dough projects

Explore a variety of salt dough projects that are fun and easy to make. Get inspired to create unique crafts with this versatile material.
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How to Make Salt Dough Without Baking in a Microwave

Looking for a super quick salt dough recipe for the microwave? You need to try this easy 3-minute microwave salt dough recipe that only requires 2-ingredients that you already have in your pantry!

Brianna Chaloupek
Salt dough - this will come in handy when I want to make ornaments with my future children. :) Salt Dough, Salt Dough Handprints, Boy Activities, Juleverksted For Barn, Imagination Tree, Classroom Valentines, Dough Ornaments, Aktivitas Montessori, Navidad Diy

Salt Dough Handprints - The Imagination Tree

I thought it was about time we did some salt-dough model making so I dug out the easy-peasy ingredients. I drew a little visual recipe list so that it would be easier for C to understand what we were doing (she loved it!) And we got busy measuring and stirring and mixing and mixing and...Read More »

Shelley Minnamon-Walters
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Salt Dough Coasters

I made these coasters. Each one carved individually, cut individually, slow baked for 3 hours, painted and double varnished. I put a lot of thought and effort into them and I really hope you like them. They're sold individually and in packs of 4 Salt dough was something that I watched being made, at home, as I grew up. My grandmother's home is full of decor she's made with Clay or Salt dough, she'd make figurines and wall hangings, bake, and paint them. My mum did this with me too, it…

Joy Saxton