Sail away

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Sailing, sailing away.

Taken from Kaka‘ako Waterfront Park, Honolulu, Hawaii. View on white background. Sailin' - Cecilio & Kapono. © 1977. He was captain of a small ship, and he called her "the queen" Jackson was an old man, he's skipper of the sea And he dreams about one day, an island he'll find At lost in the ocean, just passing in time And he'd rather be sailin', sailin', away... And he'd rather be sailin', sailin', away... And he'd rather be sailin' And he's been to places, and he knows them quite well And…

Polly Wickstrom
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The paintings of Gordon Hunt are polished meditation in light and color. Often anchoring his studies in the subject of boats, viewers are taken in by the almost pointillist technique with which he renders his chosen subject-matter. In Sail Away, for example, one notes how Hunt paints in such a way that the luminosity of light reflected in water becomes the most salient theme. This painting of sparkling reflections and a distant silhouette also incorporates strong contrasting colors and…

Julie W