Rotary tumbler

Discover how a rotary tumbler can transform your jewelry making process. Get professional results and achieve a polished finish with these top ideas and tips.
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My home built wet tumbler

I thought i would post some pictures up of my build. I decided I wanted to go to the wet tumbling method with stainless media but i didn't want to pay 180 for a tumbler and i wanted to be able to tumble more cases at one time than the thumler tumbler. So i decided to build my own. I did research ...

William Day
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Metal Parts Tumbler Polisher

Metal Parts Tumbler Polisher/Rust Remover/Deburring: There are quite a number of homemade parts tumbler designs here, on YouTube, and elsewhere. I want to publish my design, as I feel it has several advantages over some of the others: It uses an enclosed direct drive (No belts, pulleys, gears, sprock…

Mary Kate Dockery