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Explore the exquisite collection of Rolex Submariner watches, known for their iconic design and impeccable craftsmanship. Find your perfect timepiece and elevate your style with Rolex.
A round up of the best affordable alternatives to Rolex's blue submariner - known as the Smurf. Rolex Submariner, Rolex Submariner Blue, Rolex, Rolex Watches, Affordable Watches, Expensive Watches, Watches

The Paul Newman, the Clint Eastwood and the Hulk. Iconic nicknames for some of Rolex's most iconic watches. The Rolex Smurf doesn't have the same ring to it. Despite blue being a masculine colour, used by armies and navies, Smurf's don't sound as tough as the Hulk. But the blue version of the Rolex Submariner is just as eye-catching as the Green model. In fact, it's a lot more expensive too. So if it's out of your reach, have a look at my favourite affordable alternatives.

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