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Experience the thrill of wearing a cutting-edge robot suit and embark on an epic adventure. Discover top ideas for robot suits that will take your imagination to new heights.
ArtStation - Nvidia Project Sol Pt. 3 suit redesign. , Phil Saunders Dressing, Concept Art, Marvel, Sci Fi, Suits, Art, Sci-fi Armor, Armor Concept, Power Armor

For their 3rd Project Sol real-time raytracing demo, Nvidia wanted to update the main character design. The incomparable Gavriil Klimov contacted me to do a paintover of the original suit and create a "Mk2" upgrade for the new short film. The goal was to keep the design recognizably the same character, but update it to something that reads as the next generation. To me that meant finding a graphic theme that unified what were already some very cool existing forms. Using renders of Cki Vang's…

Shaquille Dietel
ArtStation - Anthem Suit v2.0 (Proto Javelin), Nathaniel LaMartina Design, Suits, Iron Man, Armor Concept, Futuristic Armour, Sci-fi Armor, Power Armor, Armor, Black Ops Iii

More revision and prototyping lead the team to what could be considered the first Javelin, versus the "EXO" suits we had been working with prior to this moment. What was created was something far less cumbersome, far more sporty and sleek. It was the closest we had drifted towards the Iron Man fantasy, and it worked well. I spent most of my tenure working on this very suit. Alex Figini and I worked back and forth, him concepting in 3D and me figuring out the engineering behind it and…

Ulysse LEROY
ArtStation - Futuristic Assassin, Andrew Voelkl

An assassin type character, my goal was to create sleek and functional armor. I also paid extra attention to the anatomy, I wanted it to be realistic. Created in ZBrush 4r6, rendered/textured in KeyShot and composited in Photoshop

Ready Overlord