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Explore the captivating world of photography through the lens of Robert Frank. Discover his iconic works and get inspired to see the world in a new light.
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The Life and Work of Robert Frank

Today marks the passing of Swiss-American Photographer Robert Frank. In the wake of his 94 years of living, Frank produced a wide array of documentary photography that captured societal discrepancies through the iconography of ordinary subjects through linear composition and pronounced lighting. His passion for

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The Vintage Life: Photo

A glimpse of past, in lost photos and collections, the beauty of a more simple time, in building, cars, and life! Also a collection of male life the way it was, from mundane to glamorous, from the most comman man to the STARS! I will POST nude male photos that were made prior to 1950 just to show the male form has always been beautiful and always present! No minors 18+ May Contain Nudity, New Outlook On Life Is very short and laborious life of those who forget the past, neglect the…

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