River fishing tips

Enhance your river fishing skills with expert tips and techniques. Discover the best fishing spots, bait recommendations, and strategies to catch more fish in rivers.
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Bank Fishing Guide

I remember bank fishing as a kid. I remember how much fun it was to patrol the banks for bass. Sometimes with real worms, other times with plastics. Now, with kids of my own, bank fishing is even more fun. After years of analyzing banks around ponds and roadside canals,…

Rick De Rose
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Catch bass from the river bank

River Bank Fishing Essentials: Poppers Grubbs Inline Spinners. If I am going to fish the bottom for river bass, I’m putting on a texas rig and making it completely weedless. This means the hook will be completely concealed inside the body of the bait. Also try to use as light of a weight as possible. Use craw imitation or creature baits and bounce across the rocks like crawdads dVisit our page to read more!

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