Repotting orchids

Learn how to successfully repot your orchids with these essential tips. Enhance the health and beauty of your plants by following these expert techniques.
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Getting ready to repot your orchid plant? Here's a step-by-step guide to how to repot an orchid. Plus, how to tell if your orchid needs to be repotted, when is the best time to do it, and what you should do about aerial roots or an orchid with no roots. #Orchid #OrchidCare #RepotOrchid #RootOrchid #OrchidPot

Kathy Esposito
Text: 6 Easy Steps to Repot Your Orchid.
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Want to know how to safely repot your orchid without damaging it? And when should you repot your orchid, anyway? Here's a simple and easy guide for how to repot your orchid in 6 steps. Learn how to sanitize your tools for repotting an orchid, what kind of potting mix or soil to use for orchids, if you should use orchid moss, and more. We help you pick the right size pot so your orchid will be healthy and happy! Choose the right potting medium and how to handle root rot and trim roots too.

Patricia Herron
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For a pretty display on my kitchen table, I decided to "kopy kat" an idea I saw in the January issue of "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine. The article explains how to put orchids creatively in tall vases. An orchid expert tells how to keep the orchids' roots healthy while they are in the vases. I have been downsizing my vase collection so I don't have the straight-sided vases that I used to. I did find three former (spigots are broken) clear glass drink dispensers in the attic. I turned…

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