Red Riding Hood

Transform into the iconic Red Riding Hood with these captivating costume ideas. Discover the perfect outfit to bring this timeless fairy tale character to life.
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Concept art of Little Red Riding Hood as a third-person RPG game character. A warrior girl makes her way through the thicket of the forest, where she fights monsters with her sword and alchemical mixtures, and the Big Bad Wolf is her alter ego, which appears at a critical moment. Based on AI.

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TRIGGER WARNING ABUSE I am unsure what I have written in this since it is a long time ago and I did not put in trigger warnings in the chapters because I was a stupid little kid You're a pretty nerdy but savage teenager. You went to YuuEi a year early so you're 14. You're the son of two minor heroes, but because they were scared you might get caught up and get killed by villains they put you in a foster center. You were adopted by pretty average people and were always bullied for the fact…

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