Recycled metal

Discover unique and inspiring ways to repurpose recycled metal into stunning crafts. Get inspired and start creating your own eco-friendly masterpieces today.
American Artist Brings Recycled Materials Back To Life, Here Are 30 Of His Incredible Sculptures Sculptures, Metal, Junk Art, Women, Metal Artwork, Sculptures Artistiques, Metal Art Welded, Metal Welding Art, Metal Art Sculpture

What do you see when looking at an unused fork, a screw, a car part, and other scraps? Most of us see something that belongs in a dump, except for Brian Mock, a sculptor and a metal revolutionist who is bringing reclaimed materials back to life in a form of spectacular sculpture art.

Darlynn Smart
Two Metal Roses and Vase Recycled Metal Roses With Vase - Etsy Metal, Metal Welding, Metal Roses, Recycled Metal, Metal Crafts, Metal Projects, Metal Art Welded, Metal Art Diy, Diy Metal

Handmade welded metal roses with a vase create the perfect gift. This is a pair of up-cycled roses and a vase made from recycled materials including washers, tubing, and wire welded together creating beautiful art. Each rose is an individual and a little different all created from the same materials. The washers are all hand bent and welded together to create a beautiful welded art rose that will never die. This gift would be great for Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day or just a great…

Dick Rigatti