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Discover a variety of fun and engaging recess games for kids that will keep them active and entertained during playtime. Get inspired with our top ideas and make recess a memorable experience for children.
Spring is a perfect time to get outside and play with your students! Are you looking for some fun group activities to help get the wiggles out and enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine? Check out these 14 ideas for fun outdoor games for kids. These outdoor games are perfect for a large group of kindergarten and first grade students. Outdoor Ideas For Kindergarten, Recess Activities Outdoor, Recess Games For Kindergarten, Large Motor Games For School Age, Large Motor Games For Preschoolers, Recess Ideas School Outdoor, Preschool Recess Games, Physical Education Activities For Kindergarten, Outdoor Activities For After School Program

14 Outdoor Games and Activities For Kids

When spring arrives and the weather warms, it's a perfect time to get outside and play with your students! These outdoor games for kids will give you a chance to not only have fun and get some exercise, they'll also reinforce the positive community spirit you've instilled in your classroom all year long. These games...

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15 Fun Indoor Recess Games | The Printable Princess

Some days it's just too dreary or cold, or even too hot depending on where you live, for kids to go outside and get much-needed recess time. But just because the weather isn't cooperating doesn't mean your students don't need time to take a break and play. They just need some indoor recess games! While...

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