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Experience a spiritual awakening with these inspiring rapture quotes. Discover profound insights and embrace the transformative power of the rapture in your life.
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The Rapture is perhaps the most important piece of prophecy for us to understand since it could very well impact us personally. This Bible study will help you examine what the Rapture is, defend it biblically, and explain its personal and practical importance. In summary, the Rapture is an event where all who have put their trust in Christ, living and deceased, will suddenly be caught up from earth, be joined with Christ in the air, and taken to heaven. Paul describes the Rapture in 1…

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According to biblical prophecy, the Tribulation is a seven-year period that will begin immediately following the Rapture. Evil will spread without restraint. The diseases, natural disasters, wars, and devastation we see in our world today are but a taste of the atrocities to come. Toward the end, the Antichrist will sit at the center of the Tribulation’s evil as he personifies Satan.There is nothing we can do to prevent the Tribulation from occurring, but we can equip ourselves with a…

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