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Discover the fascinating journey of Rachel True, from her early beginnings to her successful career in the entertainment industry. Learn more about her achievements and get inspired by her talent and dedication.
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While it’s true that every ’90s girl’s fave teen goth flick The Craft turned 20 last year, there are certain things that happen that make its heyday seem like it just happened. One of those? Actress Rachel True, who hasn’t aged a day since 1996, apparently. In case you need a refresher, True

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my friend snapped this...i see me, shy, dazed, & confused that the world keeps going by... (this is not smizing, as tyra would say) girly woman me as always, but it's like there's this view i'm missing... and it's right there in front of me... Anyway today my twitter question was- never married, because i never wanted to divorce. are we meant to be together a lifetime? i don't know, so i'll just be here now. i got differing responses, mostly not regarding my query, but rather focused on…

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