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The Eight Brocades is a form of "Qigong," developed thousands of years ago as part of traditional Chinese medicine. Pronounced "chi gong", Qigong involves movements designed to maximize energy in the mind, body, and spirit to improve and maintain overall health. The Eight Brocades of Qigong are a set of exercises, with each movement focusing on a different meridian. When practiced regularly, each brocade improves the flow of "qi", or "vital energy", throughout the body. What is the Meaning…

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Deficient Kidney Yin and Excess Liver Yang Imbalance In the case of a hypertensive patient, the heart is impacted as a result of an imbalance of Deficient Kidney Yin and Excess Liver Yang. The hypertension manifests from excessive stress and over-thinking, which lead to the Deficient Kidney. As a result the patient craves salty foods. The salty diet creates a rennin imbalance in the kidney, which gives rise to the Deficient Kidney. When the body experiences emotional tension, adrenaline is…

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