Pygmy goat house

Provide a cozy and comfortable home for your pygmy goats with these creative and practical house ideas. Discover how to create the perfect environment for your furry friends.
Carvings with Stories: Making a goat play ramp structure at Boiling Wells for St Werburghs City farm Outdoor, Goat Shed, Goat Shelter, Goat Barn, Goat House, Goat Playground, Dog Yard, Dog Playground, Goat Farming

A group of volunteers from Lloyds bank came to the farm today as part of 'Give and Gain Day', when businesses send their staff out of the office for the day to help in community projects. The young goats needed a new play structure to jump all over. We had a lot of timber left over from a volunteer day earlier in the week (kindly provided by Skanska engineering), so the Lloyds folks put together a couple of platforms and ramps for the kids to climb about on. I oversaw it, but the group…

Laura Horvath

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