Primitive walls

Transform your space with rustic and charming ideas for primitive walls. Explore unique ways to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.
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Country primitive is popular for a reason. If you're going for a homey welcoming feel in your home then primitive country style is definitely for you. Primitive country decor makes use of worn items that look as if it has been handed down through the generations. Most of the decor items we associate with the…

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How To Decorate With Primitive Country Style Primitive country decor is a simple style to incorporate into your home. Its rustic features provide an old-fashioned, historical, & colonial aesthetic.

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A random act of kindness ~ Growing up, my boys called me the yard Nazi. I'm very picky about my grass and have been known to cut twice in one day if there are clumps left in my yard. (I have a small yard that takes about 35 minutes to mow.) It should have been cut Friday but Bobbie came to town and friends are more important than a yard. Saturday was the hook in and Sunday it rained. It was just too cold yesterday (maybe 50*). My grass today was higher than it's ever been. After a quick…


This is so simple, it's almost silly to share it, but it's definitely one of those things that should be filed away in the ol' noggin under 'good to know, cause ya never know'. I promise you, if you've never faux-aged, faux-distressed, or faux-rusticized anything with paint before, it really takes no skill at all. You just pick a few paint colors, make a bit of a mess, and then you're done and you've created something magical! You never know when you'll have something that's just a little…

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