Preschool name recognition

Engage your preschoolers in the learning process with these fun and creative activities that will help them recognize their own names. Discover effective techniques and resources to make name recognition a breeze for your little ones.
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This year for preschool we are part of a co-op preschool group. I put together name recognition activities for all the kids in the preschool. Here are the activities. Name sticks To make this activity. I got paint stick stirrers and used Mod Podge to glue the letters of the child's name on to the stick. Then used mounting tape to stick the letters onto the clothespins. Your child matches up the letters to spell their name. Name Block Matching This can be made in any word document or you…

Anja Stysch
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Hi friends! How was your first week back at school? I have the sweetest class ever and I am enjoying them so much already! But I am finding it difficult to get into the swing of things. My new school is a late start school and the dismissal bell doesn't ring until 3:40! By the time our last student is picked up I feel like I have such little time before I need to pack up and leave to go home and make dinner! I'm hoping to get into a better routine soon :) Anyways, I used to do a Five for…

Katie Baker