Prehistoric wildlife

Step back in time and explore the incredible world of prehistoric wildlife. Uncover the mysteries of ancient creatures and learn about their unique adaptations. Get inspired by the amazing diversity of life that roamed the Earth millions of years ago.
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Artist Shows How These Extinct Animals Might’ve Looked In Real Life In His 30 Illustrations

Since the early 19th century, artists have depicted colorful – if sometimes fictional – animals (especially dinosaurs) and prehistoric environments, mingling science with unbridled fantasy as more and more fossils got uncovered and studied by the archeologists of that time.

Mike McVeigh
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Biggest Prehistoric Mammals of East Asia (Herbivore), poster image buy Uchytel

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Antare Fortson
Artist Continues To Make Comparisons Between The Sizes Of Prehistoric Animals And Their Modern Relatives (20 New Pics) Megaloceros Giganteus, Irish Elk, Prehistoric Wildlife, Fallow Deer, Prehistoric World, Ancient Animals, Paleo Art, Extinct Animals, Prehistoric Creatures

26 New Comparisons Of The Sizes Of Prehistoric Animal Ancestors And Their Modern Relatives By Roman Uchytel

Have you heard of myths about how back in the day on earth, there used to live gargantuan giants? Well, I think our ancestors had a pretty good hunch about what really happened, actually. Most of our modern animals are so small compared to what the animals used to be like, but there are some interesting exceptions to the rule.

Felix Radics

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