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Join the Power Rangers Mystic Force on an epic adventure as they harness the power of magic to protect the world. Discover the secrets of their mystical abilities and be part of the action today!
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Critiques For the past couples of days, I've been re-watching Power Rangers Mystic Force and out of the 32 episodes of the season, I only found a handful of the episodes enjoyable. Nick-centric I'm not saying I completely hated the season, I just found that this season had a lot of flaws. For one, the only ranger to have focus is Nick, The Red Ranger. I know that Power Rangers is a series that gives a lot of focus to the Red Ranger but my gosh he had a lot of focus. The first seven episodes…

Alea Anderson
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Dark Magic Knight Wolzard, also simply known as Wolzard, is a major antagonist of Mahou Sentai Magiranger. He was originally Blagel, a Heavenly Saint who was cursed by N Ma, turning him into a loyal servant of Infershia. As Isamu Ozu, he is the husband of Miyuki Ozu and father of the five Ozu siblings. He is voiced by Tsutomu Isobe. Fifteen years prior, despite Magiel's objection to meddle and motivated by the love of the family he made with Miyuki Ozu, Blagel led a small group of Sky Saint…