Potluck sandwiches cold

Spice up your next potluck with these delicious cold sandwich recipes. Discover easy and tasty ideas to impress your friends and family at your next gathering.
The photo shows little sandwiches made with Hawaiian Dinner roles, cold cuts, cheese and your choice of toppings. The brightly colored banner displays the name of the recipe, "Boat Bites." Halloween, Camping, Snacks, Wines, Hawaiian Roll Sliders Cold, Hawian Roll Sandwiches, Tailgate Sandwiches, Hawaiian Roll Sliders, Hawaiian Roll Sandwiches

These make ahead boat bites are perfect for any Summer outing. Easy to assemble ahead of time and cut and serve when ready to eat. Made on Hawaiian Dinner Rolls these mini sandwiches don't get soggy thanks to a spread of butter and the layering of the cheese and cold cuts. These mini sandwich sliders will hit the spot whether you're on the boat, at the beach, the pool or at the park.

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