Portrait cartoon

Transform your photos into fun and whimsical portrait cartoons. Add a touch of creativity to your profile pictures and social media posts with these top portrait cartoon ideas. Get inspired and create your own unique and personalized cartoons today.
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Robert De Jesus has made a name for himself by offering a service that works similar to the street artists who caricature people on the spot. Except that you don’t have to leave your house and this artist doesn’t draw caricatures, he just references the photos. So if your hand-drawn portrait is an exaggerated or humorous version of what you see in the mirror, you should probably turn to that mirror once more.

Michelle Bodenheimer
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American artist Robert DeJesus continues to transform perfect strangers' photos into anime versions of themselves (previously here) and we thought it's high time to look at his new character designs. "I got into drawing and Anime during high school," DeJesus told Bored Panda. "Dr. Slump and Akira were the very first manga I owned and collected."

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Robert DeJesus is back on Bored Panda with more of his amazing drawings. Robert is known for his series where he recreates photos of strangers as adorable and fun cartoons! He started doing this as an exercise but soon realized that he could do commissions and get paid. People love his recreations—apparently finding out what your cartoon version looks like is on many people's minds.