Pokeball crochet pattern

Get your crochet hooks ready and create adorable Pokeball designs with these creative crochet patterns. Discover the perfect pattern to make your own Pokeball accessories and decorations.
Free Pokeball Crochet Amigurumi Pattern - Pokéball Crochet Tutorial – Little Bear Crochets

Free pattern time! 😄 Many people are having a great time with Pokémon GO, so here's something to take along on your travels! Enjoy! 🐾 😘 You will need: One small skein of redyarn One small skein of white yarn Some leftover black yarn Polyester stuffing Your favourite crochet hook Your favourite sewing needle For the bal

Laura Harkin
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I couldn’t resist! Found this FREE Pokeball crochet pattern on Pinterest and it went on my list stright away☺️ Still haven’t found out what all the fuss is about with PokemonGo, but I…

Free PDF Pokeball Crochet Pattern

I have good news for Pokemon lovers. Here is a free crochet pokeball pattern. You can also make it with a special pink heart for Valentine’s Day. You will see how to do this in detail in the crochet pattern. However, if you want a simple pokeball crochet pattern, you can do it without adding […]

Liz M
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Great ball Pokeball free crochet amigurumi tutorial and pattern - Superball Pokeball modèle gratuit et tutorial de crochet amigurumi Good trainers will tell you : when you wanna catch them all, you never have too many pokeballs !Last time I published a step-by-step free pattern for the basic Pokeball : here is the link I assume that, as motivated trainer, you've made some progress since then, so you should be ready to crochet the Great Ball ! The Great Ball (スーパーボール Super Ball) is a type of…

Jezelle Santiago
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What better way to catch a Pikachu, but with a functional Pokeball! The origin of this Pokeball amigurumi pattern began when one day my friend, Tina, asked me regarding another crochet Pokeball I had made, “Does it open?” And that one, at the time, did not. BUT… that question got the gears rolling in my head, and I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if I did make a Pokeball that opened and closed and could capture whatever Pokemon was out there to be found?!” And thus was born, the…