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Today’s #PoemADay is a familiar favourite Robert Frost’s classic ode to social distancing - take the road less travelled (or stay home)! #keepcalmandreadpoems Published in Staying Alive: Boodaxe's anthology of Real Poems for Unreal Times. Available to order here with 25% off for PBS Members.

We're deeply saddened to hear reports that Derek Mahon, one of Ireland's leading poets has died aged 78 on the 1st October 2020. Poems, Inspirational Quotes, Wise Words, Poetry Books, Everything Will Be Alright, Everything Will Be Ok, Poem A Day, Poems Beautiful, Love Life

We're deeply saddened to hear reports that Derek Mahon, one of Ireland's leading poets has died aged 78 on the 1st October 2020. His beautifully reassuring poem ‘Everything is going to be All Right’ brought comfort to many during lockdown and reminded us all that "the sun rises in spite of everything". This poem was fe

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Count All The Ways You’re Beautiful - positive and uplifting poem to give to a friend!  For more of Ms Moem's poems, check out http://www.msmoem.com Crafts, Motivation, Yoga, You're Beautiful, You Are Beautiful, Kindness Poem, You Poem, Uplifting Poems, Poem A Day

Count All The Ways You’re Beautiful Count all the ways you’re beautiful; Your soul and your spirit, Your brilliant body And all the wonder within it. Your heart full of love, Your mind full of care, Your eyes full of awe, Your lungs full of air. Your chest full of pride, Your muscles full of … Continue reading "Count The Ways You’re Beautiful | Poem"

Ms Moem
§Dare To Qream by Wendy Silva Close your eyes and let your ímaginationfly away. See a picmre of Where you wish to be one day. (gt the colors of your heart take oommand to paint the picture of your dream and place it in your hand. field on tightly and nurture it, but allow it room to grow. When you reach your dream, open your hand and let it go. Close your eyes and search for another, caring for it as before. Never stop searching, achieving and lettinggo,for that's what dreams are for. - iFunny :) Scribble, English, Real Friends, Poems, Poems About Dreams, Poems About Life, Book Quotes, Inspirational Poems, Inspirational Poems About Life

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