Plywood art

Add a touch of creativity to your home decor with these unique plywood art ideas. Discover how to transform simple plywood into stunning art pieces that will enhance the style of your space.
Plywood Power Carved Wall Art : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Design, Wood Sculpture, Plywood Art, Simple Wood Carving, Wood Wall Sculpture, Diy Plywood Art, Wood Carving Designs, Carved Wood Wall Art, Wood Carving Patterns

Plywood Power Carved Wall Art: I have always enjoyed working on wood projects but had never tried power carving. I had recently seen a few examples of some extremely interesting results and wanted to try it myself. The plywood contest was the perfect push to get me to take the le…

Patti Hines
The Phantom Project Creates A Huge Ephemeral Art Exhibit in Paso Robles, May, 2012 Art, Marquetry, Country, Sculpture Art, Wood Art, Art Exhibition, Wall Sculptures, Wooden Art, Plywood Art

Have you heard of the Phantom Galleries popping up all over the country? We are in the midst of our first one ever in Paso Robles, California, and it has generated a level of excitement in the art community here that I've never seen before. After all, we've never had so much art under one roof in this city before. Have a look around with me.

Amy Walgamott