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Find the perfect plein air easel to enhance your outdoor painting experience. Explore top-rated easels that are portable, sturdy, and easy to set up, allowing you to create beautiful art in nature.
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UPDATE: June 2022: My Plein Air Online Course: Painting Land and Sea is Now Available Painting outdoors en plein air can be invigorating, inspiring, meditative... and frustrating, inhibiting, and uncomfortable! I like comfort, so I've done a lot of research to assemble a plein air kit that is lightweight, stable, and functional.By nature I am a studio painter: I like a chair, regulated temperature, controlled lighting, access to all my materials, and most of all.... NO BUGS. But despite the…

Mindy Thompson
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The day after Thanksgiving my husband and I had planned to go plein air painting. Little did we know when we woke up it was 43 degrees. That may seem like peanuts to a lot of you but for those of us who have lived in Florida for so long, it seemed a bit chilly. &nbs

Paula Duey

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