Pirate games

Embark on thrilling pirate adventures with these exciting pirate games. Join a crew, search for treasure, and conquer the high seas in these action-packed games.
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Captain’s Orders is a great group game for kids as it get’s children moving and thinking…fast! The faster the game commands are called, the faster (and funnier!) the actions become! The game can be easily adapted by reducing or increasing the number and complexity of the commands, which makes a great game to play with...

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From thrilling treasure hunts to daring ship races, our pirate party game ideas guarantee an unforgettable adventure that won't break the bank. Explore the high seas of fun and create memories that will make your pirate-themed party a legendary success for kids of all ages!

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Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Games & Activities. Check out the tutorial to see how to make this hook toss with dollar store supplies. LOVE! Pre K, Halloween, Crafts, Washer Necklace, Pirate Crafts, Craft Party, Party Games, Pirate Party Games, Pirate Games

The key to a successful party is a fun theme and a variety of awesome party games and activities. Today, I am sharing the fabulous games and activities that entertained all the little pirate party guests at my son's 5th "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" party. DIY Hook Toss - I made a really fun ring toss using dollar store supplies. I made some pirate hooks (using the tutorial you can find here), and then I used hot glue to attach them to a piece of foam core that I decorated with stickers…

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