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In 1966 Disneyland debuted its first new land since the park opened in 1955 with New Orleans Square. Inspired by New Orleans of the 1800s, it features gorgeous wrought iron, convincing forced perspective, and originally was going to feature a larger in-park apartment for Walt Disney. From 1966 until 1996 there was the One-of-a-Kind Shop,…

Sam Morley
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Hey everyone, it's FINALLY finished! I as much as I loved working on this one, I had to save and close the file at some point lol. I really loved the concept of having her relaxing in her own "place" inside their hideout. I always liked the idea of Booty bay and eventually they did that on Freehold as well, which is a similar concept to Pirates of the Caribean to have those makeshift structures with rests of boats and all sorts of things just piled together. Like they got a fancy chair…

Rocky Roche