Pin cushions patterns

Discover a collection of creative pin cushion patterns to enhance your sewing projects. Find inspiration and create unique pin cushions that will make your sewing experience more enjoyable.
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I Love Birds! I think because they represent freedom- they just fly where ever their little hearts desire! They also sing- I love listening to their songs! I have several bird song CD’s which I enjoy listening to. Now, here’s something that may be odd- I love outdoor birds, but birds indoors in cages […]

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The summer holidays are upon us and the children need organising and entertaining. This simple pin cushion tutorial only takes 10 minutes and is a great way to encourage children into trying sewing, or you could make one for yourself to give you a breather when the summer break gets a little too much! 1. Trace 2 circles from fabric (I used a large mug to trace my circles). Cut them out at least 1/4" larger all the way round. use pinking shears if you have them. 2. Sew the 2 circles right…

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This sewing tutorial is focusing on DIY pincushion ideas and patterns. Learn how to make a DIY pincushion easily and check these 19 sewing patterns for cute DIY pincushions: bracelet, owl, jar, tea cup, etc. Pincushions are versatile tools that come in a large variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. They’re a fun way to let your personality and creativity out. You can buy one and choose from a large selection of options, but you can also easily make your own pincushions.

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Have you ever made these fun pin cushions on a mason jar before? Well here is a new twist on an oldie: These pin cushions will sharpen your pins as you use them! The secret? Steel Wool! Does anyone want to make some of these darling little babies? They would be a perfect little addition … Continue reading Pin Cushions–That Sharpens →

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